Bat Problem In Walls Or Attic? What To Do, St Joseph Mo

“Creepy doesn’t even describe it. Scary is close. Petrifying is more like it. This all started out with just a bat here and there and now I hear them every evening. I’m afraid to live in my own home.”

These are the words that typically come from a homeowner who has a bat colony infestation in the attic and wall space of their home. It starts out real simple. One bat here and another at a later time. Maybe a year is past and might think that they’re all gone, but what is really happening is the problem may be getting worse. A home typically doesn’t get a colony infestation overnight. However, if left unresolved the bat problem may become worse and a bat colony may be living in the walls or attic.


Could A Newer Home Have Bat Problems?
It doesn’t really matter the age of the home. Bat colonies can exist in new homes too. In 2009 our company  excluded an estimated 300 bats from a home that was about 2 years old. The fact is, if there are open entries about the size of a half inch crack then you could be entertaining these not so inviting bat guests.

What Should A Homeowner Be Concerned About?
Bats living in the wallspaces can be quite creepy and yes, you could lose some sleep just thinking about it. However, there are some concerns that may be a bit more serious. 1. Bats can create extensive damage to attic insulation by leaving behind Bat Guano (feces). The feces may contain a respiratory disease called Histoplasmosis which might need to be professionally removed. 2. Rabies is also a concern. Although, only a very small number of bats may be a carrier, bats in the St Joseph, Mo area have been tested positive for rabies in the past.

What Steps Are Needed To Insure I Don’t Have A Bat Colony Using My Home?
If you have struggled in the past with bats entering your living area of your home or you are hearing strange noises coming from your walls or attic area, then I would suggest calling your St Joseph bat experts at All Friendly. All Friendly has been excluding bat colonies from homes and is the premier experts at resolving bat problems in the St Joseph and Northwest Missouri area.

What If I Make Repairs To My Home, Will That Remove My Bat Problem?
No, this is probably one of the worst mistakes a homeowner can make when trying to resolve a bat problem on their own. Roofing companies are experts in roofing homes. Siding companies are experts at installing siding. Pest experts such as All Friendly are experts in removing bats from homes and seeing that the problem doesn’t recur. Hiring someone else to make repairs to the home will only frustrate the homeowner. Your best solution is hiring a professional bat excluder such as All Friendly to remove the bats from the home and to make the needed repairs.

Bats in your home can be both a frightening experience and unsafe to your family and pets. This is why the staff at Allfriendly is here to help. Our professional and polite staff will safely and humanely remove these unwanted pests from your home and repairs will be made so the problem won’t recur. You owe it to yourself to hire a professional. Call 660-927-0411 to be rid of bats once and for all.


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