5 Simple Ways To Protect Your Family From: Snakes

It was a hot mid afternoon summer day in Northwest Missouri, I was busy driving home in our company service truck when I noticed my neighbor outside with his family looking intently at their front door.  Their faces were so serious and intent that Immediately I knew something was wrong.  With their groceries still in hand and eagerly anticipating their unoccupied home they came upon an unexpected guest. A three foot long Black Rat Snake. He just happened to be blocking their entrance into their home. Most assuredly I doubt he was looking for a way in, but I also expect he wouldn’t be invited inside. Yes, coming across an unexpected snake can be scary, and unless you live next to me it can also be quite dangerous. This is why we’ve come up with a simple guide to help the homeowner. Below is 5 simple ways to protect your family from those terrifying slivering serpents.

1. Habitat Modification: Lawn

Having a well maintained and short lawn is important if you want to protect your family from snakes. Snakes feel most comfortable in their natural surroundings. Therefore, keeping the grass frequently cut and short will help prevent unexpected snakes from establishing in your lawn.

2. Remove Debris Along Foundation of Home

Leaves, weeds, and other debris that collects along the home may attract snakes and their prey. This is a quick and very simple task and can prove to be worthwhile to your family.

3. Remove Or Alter Landscaping

Certain landscaping may prove to be attractive to snakes. Try to avoid over using certain types of rock landscaping which may tend to attract snakes to your property. Also, remove any old landscaping which may have unsitely cracks and crevices where snakes love to hide.

4. Cover Window Wells

A simple plastic cover over the window well may keep those snakes from sunning around the house. These covers can be purchased at local hardware stores and installed at a reasonable cost.

5. Hire A Professional

Hiring a professional is the homeowner’s best investment to your family. By simply hiring a professional snake removal company such as ours at All Friendly, this company can help renew your peace of mind. These professionals will be able inspect your home and property and should also be able to identify any potential problems the homeowner might have. Their training is most definately the key to keeping you safe. If a snake problem or infestation were to come up, it would be no hassle for these professionals to get rid of the snakes in the home or around the property.

All Friendly Mole Control & Pest Services has removed hundreds of snakes from homes and properties in St Joseph Missouri and surrounding communities in Nwmo.

For free consultation or to hire All Friendly call 660-927-0411.

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  2. MObugs41 says:

    Another good reason to keep the grass mowed is to allow you to SEE the snakes….this is important in areas were venomous snakes occur. I received numerous phone calls last spring about rattlesnakes showing up in yards. With the flooding that was going on last year it didn’t surprise me that they were showing up in areas where maybe they hadn’t been before. I love that you encourage people to learn how to prevent them from showing up, rather than killing them when they do :o)

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