A Simple Guide On How To: Remove A Bat In Home Living Area. Quick And Humane. What To Do?

There is a certain feeling that only comes when a home has been invaded by a bat in the living area. Shocking! Terrifying!  That creepy looking bat looks about like a giant bird swooping into every area of the home. Maybe this sounds all too familiar? Certainly one must be strong, valiant, and well prepared. Below is a quick reference on what to do if your home is invaded by a bat in the living area.

Step 1: Be Prepared

Typically I don’t suggest most homeowner’s handle a bat without proper safety precautions. Most importantly we don’t want to harm the bat. Bats can be removed humanely and released without any discomfort to them. To properly remove the bat it takes very little equipment: leather gloves, fish net, and some bath towels. If the thought of removing the bat from the home scares you in any way then a phone call to a company specifically trained to remove bats from homes like ours at All Friendly might be your best option.

Step 2: Seclude The Bat To One Room

The smaller the room the better, but it makes no difference. Simply follow the bat when it takes flight into a room and shut the door behind it. Once the bat is inside be sure to stuff bath towels near the bottom of the door to prevent the bat from escaping the room. Also, be sure to notify everyone in the home not to enter the room until the bat is removed. We certainly wouldn’t want any extra drama from our living guests if they were to accidentally enter the room without knowing that a bat was in there!

Step 3: Removal Of The Bat

Here are a few pointers which may help in humanely removing the bat once it is secluded. With your leather gloves on proceed into the room with caution. Remember, it is not necessary to kill the bat. We would recommend using a fishing net for the capture of the bat during it’s flight, or otherwise wait until the bat lands and capture using your gloves. Once captured you can release the bat outside the home. If during this process you are too frightened to handle the bat, then place a bowl over the bat and call an experienced company such as All Friendly to help with the process.

Step 4: What If There Is More?

This is a very common question that our company handles on a regular basis. The answer depends on a variety of circumstances that a typical home may or may not possess. All of these variables must be checked out by a professional. We recommend a follow-up phone call to a company such as ours at All Friendly. This company should be able to identify any possible bat colony infestations and be able to alleviate any concerns that the homeowner might have. If a bat colony infestation does exist, this company will be able to humanely and efficiently remove the bats without harming them and also follow-up with the permanent repair.

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