Preventing Home Invaders: Raccoon In Attic (St. Joseph Mo.)

Are you awaken by strange animal noises in your home? Do you hear footsteps walking across the ceiling of your room? If you’ve answered yes to any of these two questions then you may have a Raccoon taking up residence in your attic. The good news is that these pesky home invaders can be controlled and prevented with the help of All Friendly Mole Control & Pest Services.

Raccoon Damage To HVAC

Raccoon Damage In Attic (St. Joseph Mo):

Raccoons will frequently damage electrical wiring and heating and air ducts in the attic area. This creates a potential fire hazard and additional higher energy costs for the homeowner.

If You Think You Have A Raccoon Problem (St. Joseph Mo)?

Typical and common complaints that we receive from homeowners that have a Raccoon problem in attic are: animal sound in attic area during night time hours, and noises of animal walking across the ceiling of a room. Any loss of sleep or unusual bumps and noises may be a result of Raccoons nesting in the attic area of your home.


Get Rid Of Raccoons And Prevention (St. Joseph Mo):

At All Friendly we provide the full and humane removal of Raccoons in the attic area and the necessary home repairs associated with their damage. No need to call an exterminator or other pest control company who most likely only handles bugs. This job is for a professional company that only specializes in Nuisance Wildlife Control.  That company is All Friendly. At All Friendly we proudly serve the Saint Joseph Missouri area since 2007 for Raccoon control and Raccoon removal. We also install preventative materials to the home such as: roof vent covers, gable and louver vent screens, chimney caps, and temporary carpentry repairs.

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