“Maintaining Properties, Restoring Homes, And Renewing Peace Of Mind”

It is important for the homeowner to have a courteous and professionally trained pest company in the St. Joseph and Northwest Mo area. That company is All Friendly.  All Friendly has trained wildlife technicians who are certified to handle and resolve your nuisance wildife complaints. Our technicians use only the most up to date equipment and only apply effective techniques in order to quickly resolve your nuisance pest complaint. There certainly is no second guessing by our staff, we do this full time and have an extensive background of wildlife control expertise. If you or someone you know suffers from nuisance wildife that has invaded your home or property such as: Bats, Moles, Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks, Snakes, Groundhogs, Birds, Rodents, Voles, Chipmunks, Muskrats, Beavers, and More!

Services Include But Are Not Limited To:

Humane removal of nuisance wildife, home repair associated with nuisance wildlife, deoderization of malicious odors, sanitization of biohazardous wastes, dead animal removal, installation of preventative products (chimney caps, attic vent covers, power ventilator covers).

Professional Services:

Bird Barrier professional installers, Bird B Gone certified installers, biohazardous attic cleanouts and re insulation of attic (attic restoration, remediation, reclamation), biohazardous waste removal of bat feces/raccoon feces/pigeon feces.

Service Area:

St. Joseph Mo, Northwest Mo, Platte City Mo, Maryville Mo, and surrounding communities.

Contact Us:

The investment of your home, property, and not to mention the potential safety of your family could be at risk from these invading pests. Call your St Joseph Mo Pest Company today! Call 816-279-6653 to visit with a courteous staff member at All Friendly Mole Control & Pest Services.

Email: info@allfriendly.net

“Effective Mole Control You Can Trust”

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