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We Get Rid Of Voles In Yard Or Lawn, St. Joseph Mo

We commonly see this lawn or yard damage in our St. Joseph Mo area. This turf damage is caused by Voles. The good news is All Friendly Mole Control & Pest Services can fix this problem and help restore your … Continue reading

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Preventing Home Invaders: Raccoon In Attic (St. Joseph Mo.)

Are you awaken by strange animal noises in your home? Do you hear footsteps walking across the ceiling of your room? If you’ve answered yes to any of these two questions then you may have a Raccoon taking up residence … Continue reading

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Got Moles? Professional Mole Removal In St. Joseph Mo

Are you tired of fighting Moles? Does your lawn look like a freshly tilled garden? If you’ve answered yes to these typical questions then your battle with Moles can be over. At All Friendly Mole Control & Pest Services we’re … Continue reading

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Preventing Home Invaders: Squirrel In Attic (St. Joseph Mo.)

Did you know that 6% of all house fires in the United States are caused by Squirrels each year? The majority of these house fires are caused by Squirrels chewing on electrical wiring. Squirrels can be a potential fire hazard … Continue reading

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Raccoon Problem: How To Remove From Home And Prevent. St Joseph Mo

Have you ever wondered what that sound is late at night? Sounds of animal chattering and large animal walking to and fro. Too big for a rodent, you might think. Maybe a squirrel? Nope. Just sounds too big for any squirrel. … Continue reading

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Why All Friendly Is Your Best Choice In A Pest Company

Nobody wants a pest problem. But if one does come up it is very helpful to know the right company to call just in case. That company is All Friendly. All Friendly exists to produce the highest quality of service … Continue reading

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Scary Animal Noises From Attic Area Of Home. What Is It? What To Do?

It all starts with a pitter patter in the late evening hour. A hard days work followed by peaceful rest, ruined! “Maybe it is the furnace or water heater”, I suggest. I’ll go back to sleep. There is much to do … Continue reading

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A Simple Guide On How To: Remove A Bat In Home Living Area. Quick And Humane. What To Do?

There is a certain feeling that only comes when a home has been invaded by a bat in the living area. Shocking! Terrifying!  That creepy looking bat looks about like a giant bird swooping into every area of the home. Maybe this sounds all … Continue reading

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5 Simple Ways To Protect Your Family From: Snakes

It was a hot mid afternoon summer day in Northwest Missouri, I was busy driving home in our company service truck when I noticed my neighbor outside with his family looking intently at their front door.  Their faces were so … Continue reading

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“Eeek, Get The Dead Out”! 5 Steps To Prevent Your Home From A Dead Animal In St Joseph Mo

Sooner or later it is bound to happen. Every homeowner at some point during the history of owning a home will experience it. I’m talking about the mystery animal who decided to die in your home. Whether it be a … Continue reading

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